How We Are Different

How We Are Different
We are a not a typical law firm. Here are the Six Principles we try to follow.

We will try to return all calls promptly.

Yes, we mean it.


We won’t take your case unless we are the right lawyers for the case.

We turn down more cases than we take. But if we are not the right lawyer for your case, we’ll help you find the right lawyer. We are friends with lots of other good bankruptcy lawyers, and have friends who practice in just about every other area of law.


We don’t take too many cases.

We’ll only accept your case if we have the time to handle it promptly and properly.


We act honorably towards everyone involved in your case, including those that we oppose.

We will represent you vigorously and fight for your rights, but will do so with honesty and integrity. If you are looking for lawyers who like to fight for the sake of fighting, then we are not the right lawyers for you.


We will tell you about our fees before we charge you.

We won’t work for free. But we will estimate what your case will cost ahead of time, so that you can plan and make informed choices.


We will treat you with respect.

We know that our clients would not be asking for our help if they were not in need. We are honored that our clients trust us to help.
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